This list below contains the projects that I'm currently working on, or have worked on. I frequently talk more about the progress of my projects on my blog. ()GREEN CIRCLE equals current major working project. ()ORANGE CIRCLE equals project that is currently being worked on, but its status is under hiatus. ()RED CIRCLE equals incomplete project, or project possibly soon to be worked on but has no progress yet. ()GREY CIRCLE equals project that is cancelled, inactive, or status unspecified. () STAR SYMBOL equals project has been completed or ended.


A web-story containing the journal written by a man named "Douglas WcDouglas" and his adventures of completing a task for Maggie's industrial factory to eradicate the state of depression on citizens of the city.


A kids-like fun educational entertainment cyberspace project reminiscent of the old 90s - early 2000s. PROJECT DISCONTINUED: 18/10/2021